Bert Croom Private Investigations can provide a network with Genetic Technologies for our clients!

Giant step towards the Future!

We now have available a Full-Service Laboratory that offers services to our company. Here are a few examples of how you can benefit by adding forensic technology to your arsenal of tools for court.

The Laboratory complies with Scientific Working Group For DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) and American Association of Blood Banking (AABB) Guidelines DNA Analysis Methods.

The Laboratory uses only the most up-to-date, automated equipment with the highest power of discrimination, unsurpassed quality and greatest versatility.

Let Us Lead You In The Right Direction!

  • Suspicions of Infidelity: Is the spouse/significant other involved with someone else?
    Using a wide range of serological and DNA analysis techniques, a unique genetic profile may be identified from stained garments, bed clothing, and items that have been disposed of.
  • Who sent the threatening letter?
    The Laboratory has the capability of extracting a genetic profile from "licked" sealed envelopes. We recently developed a genetic profile from a stamp that had been "licked" sealed and postmarked -December 1975.
  • Parentage testing: Who is the father?
    From traditional parentage testing with mouth swab to discrete testing - your client will find out for sure! Non-paternity (exclusions are 100% assured when the alleged father's DNA is not shared with the child.
  • Trace Evidence - What items can be used to determine a genetic profile?
    Chewing gum, Kleenex Tissues, tooth­brush, Urine specimens, sexual assault kits, exhumed tissue samples, Medical Examiner specimens, Band-Aids, Extracted teeth, Eating utensils, Hair with roots, clothing items, hats, scraping from blood splatter. The typical turnaround time for a complicated forensic specimen is two weeks. Fees are reasonable. The Information gained is irrefutable, as the DNA profile generated results in a frequency of (one in a billion).

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