Bert Croom Private investigations has been in business for the past 25 years in the city of Wilmington North Carolina, during that time we have noticed one constant question from our clients, how does this work? The best way to answer said question is by explaining how we handle things at BCPI. From start to finish our goal is to leave a client with peace of mind and the feeling that they have enough information to proceed forward with a domestic, child custody, insurance fraud, or criminal case. There are some cases that need immediate assistance from an attorney but typically a private investigator is the route to start with. The process begins with information gathering, this simply means we get any relevant information that could be of use to an investigator in the field or to inform the client of any information they may not know. At BCPI we have access to some of the best technology and information available. After the completing the information gathering, we present the client with their options and explain how we believe they should proceed. If the client agrees we then ask them to sign a contract that is required by the state, the client then pays a reasonable retainer. The investigator assigned to the case is then brought in and briefed on the case. The investigator then goes through a pre-surveillance process with Bert. With all of this information the investigator, armed with a camera and any other technology he or she needs, takes to the field. During field work the investigators keep Bert updated, Bert then takes this information back to the client. Once the case is completed the client is given a full report, which can include video, field reports, background searches, and any other relevant information to help the case. With this information in hand BCPI will look to work with the client’s attorney if they have one, if the client does not have an attorney BCPI has worked with the best in town and will gladly recommend one. At BCPI we have a great deal of success with our clients that can be directly attributed to the training and time we invest into every investigator. To those that have used us for the past 25 years we thank you, and to those who need a helping hand we welcome you. Remember, don’t trust just anyone, let the company that cares lead you into the right direction. 

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