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Giant step towards the Future!

Do you love adventure?

Are you interested in a highly-respected well-paid profession that rewards both initiative and skill?

Would you like to be able to locate "skips" and lawbreakers, find missing persons or reunite adoptee and birthparents, catch cheats, run background checks, conduct surveillance, employing the latest high tech equipment?

Have you dreamed of owning your own private investigation firm or home-based business?

If you've ever considered a career as a Professional Investigator, the time is right to break into this exciting industry! New specialties and areas of expertise are being created frequently, necessitated by an unquenchable demand for information. The demand for Private Investigators will rise by 30% by 2011.

The key prerequisite for a career as a private investigator - is your desire to succeed.

The investigative and security industries are big and getting bigger. Each year new high-tech clients vie for the services of experienced Private Investigators who understand the diverse technologies and have acquired the up-to-the-minute skills required to meet those exacting demands.

Private investigators enjoy well-paying and worthwhile careers. Experienced Private Investigators can earn well over starting salaries for major corporations a year, while deriving satisfaction from helping people and working on cases.

Maybe you've said to yourself, "This all sounds very interesting, but what exactly does a private investigator do? Would I make a good investigator? Are there equal opportunities for female investigators? How much money can I expect to make? How much training would I need? Would I need a license? How do I get started? These questions can be answered with a consultation for the course you are interested in.

What do private investigators do?
Private investigators employ techniques such as public record searches for background checks and pre-employment screening. Private Investigators interview people to gain critical information gather evidence and verify facts about individuals, events or companies. Private investigators may provide assistance in civil liability and personal injury cases, insurance claims and fraud, child custody cases, premarital screening and marital infidelity. Some private investigative firms offer executive and celebrity protection and serve court papers.

The Field of Private Investigation is vast and diverse, from high-tech computer fraud to interviewing witnesses - there's a need for virtually all types of people and for a vast array of skills. Probably the most worthwhile investigative attribute is the desire to get at the truth. Most investigators possess an almost dog-like tenacity (hence, the symbol of the hound dog with the magnifying glass, used so often by private investigation firms). If you enjoy digging for clues, following every thread - solving puzzles - you will likely make a good investigator. One major trait common among investigators is the desired to help people and fulfill client's need.

Bert Croom Private Investigation Courses

The courses were designed to include the most common types of investigations requested by clients. Our goal is to give you a broad knowledge base of investigative techniques and procedures used on a day-to-day basis by the pros. Although there are numerous specialties a private investigator may choose to pursue, many of the same techniques the Course teaches are used in every investigation.

A lot of people think you need to have some kind of law enforcement background to be a Private Investigator. Not true at all. Our business is comprised of people who are streetwise and able to go out and get the information. You've got to be a go-getter. Nothing to do with police work, or police techniques. Being a Private Investigator is gaining information and knowledge. We go to a lot of seminars and read a lot of articles. But, when it comes to 'formal' schooling, there's no formal, until now. You have to start somewhere. Get started today Getting ahead can only happen when you get started.

Bert Croom has been approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board to Instruct for CEU approved classes. The classes were initially offered to Private Investigators already licensed by NCPPSB for the required in-service training of 12 hours prior to renewing their license.

They are now being offered to you, so start anew today.

Name of Program:
Continuing Education (CE) credit as specified in 12 NCAC 7D.1302 for a period of 4 yrs

  • Ethics Class (PPSB-10-442) 6 hours credit
  • Report Writing / Field Note Taking (PPSB-10-443) 6 hours credit
  • Video Techniques / 35 mm and Digital Techniques and Application (PPSB-10-444) 6 hours credit
  • Developing Sources of Information/CSI/Known Sources/Computer Sources (PPSB-10-445) 4 hrs credit
  • Interviews / Witness and Victims (PPSB-10-446) 6 hours credit
  • Interviewing Suspects and Interrogation (PPSB-10-447) 6 hours credit
  • Surveillance / Moving / Stationary / Static / GPS (PPSB-10-448) 6 hours credit
  • Criminal Investigation / Capitol Crimes / Private Investigator Role. (PPSB-10-449) 6 hrs credit
  • Domestic Cases / Divorce / Child Custody / Infidelity (PPSB-10-450) 6 hours credit
  • Civil Cases / Workers Compensation / Personal Injury (PPSB-10-451) 6 hours credit
  • Litigation Support / Process Service (PPSB-10-452) 6 hours credit
  • Courtroom Testimony / Conduct Before, During and After (PPSB-10-453) 8 hours credit
  • Business Operation Interviewing Clients / Contracts / Fee Collection / Case Management (PPSB-10-445) 6 hours credit
  • Suicide Intervention for Private Investigators (PPSB-12-783) 6 hours credit
  • Hostage negotiations for Private Investigators (PPSB-12-784) 6 hours credit
  • Domestic Violence Investigation (PPSB-13-801) 6 hours credit
  • Death Investigation (PPSB-13-800) 6 hours credit
  • Work Place Violence Investigation (PPSB-13-802) 6 hours credit

Contact Bert Croom Private Investigations for the school handbook and registration information. Classes are limited so don’t wait get in the class you want so you can get started today.
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